October 12, 2015


The 46th annual meeting of the North East Linguistics Society is being held at Concordia University between October 16 and 18. Our department is set to provide a strong showing!

Frederick Gietz (Ph.D.), Peter Jurgec (faculty), and Maida Percival (Ph.D.):
"Linguistic shift work: Not so strange after all (shifting in Harmonic Serialism)

Becky Tollan (Ph.D.):
"Unergatives and split ergativity in Samoan."

Daniel Currie Hall (Ph.D. 2007, now at St. Mary's University) and B. Elan Dresher (faculty):
"Trade-offs in the contrastive hierarchy: Voicing versus continuancy in Slavic."

Dan Milway (Ph.D.) is presenting a poster:
"Modifying the syntax of Spatial P in English."

Becky Tollan (Ph.D.) and Daphna Heller (faculty) are presenting a poster:
"Elvis Presley on an island: wh dependency formation inside complex NPs."

Richard Compton (Ph.D. 2012, now at l'Université de Montréal à Québec) is presenting a poster:
"Mutually conditioned mood and object agreement in Inuit."

Isaac Gould (MA 2010, now at MIT) is also presenting a poster:
"Modelling verb placement errors in child Swiss German: The role of ambiguous evidence."

Keir Moulton (MA 2002, now at Simon Fraser University) and colleague Nino Grillo (Universität Stuttgart) are presenting a poster:
"Event kinds and the pseudo-relative."

Michelle Yuan (MA 2013, now at MIT) is presenting a poster:
"Case and morphosyntactic anti-identity in Yimas."

One of the invited talks, "Theme and variations in the expression of modality" is by Valentine Hacquard (University of Maryland), based on joint work she has done with joint work with recent alumna Ailís Cournane (Ph.D. 2015).

Former visiting student Michael Wagner (now at McGill University) is presenting a poster with colleague Daniel Goodhue (also from McGill University):
"Toward a bestiary of English intonational contours."

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