July 2, 2015

Goodbyes and hellos for 2015-16

As the 2015-16 academic year approaches, we have a lot of personnel turnover!

Our department bids adieu to:
  • Bronwyn Bjorkman (postdoc), who is taking up a tenure-track position in morphosyntax at Queen's University.
  • Walter Pedersen (faculty), finishing a one-year contract-limited term appointment in semantics.
  • Anne-José Villeneuve (faculty, Department of French), who has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Alberta.
  • Derek Denis (Ph.D. 2015), who is moving to the University of Victoria to do a postdoctoral fellowship with fellow alum Alexandra D'Arcy (Ph.D. 2005).
  • Liisa Duncan (Ph.D. 2015), who is now teaching at York University.
  • ...and those completing the MA program. Several are moving immediately into Ph.D. programs: Frederick Gietz is staying on for ours, Paulina Lyskawa is going to the University of Maryland, Yining Nie is heading to New York University, and Luke West is off to UCLA.
We welcome back Sali A. Tagliamonte (faculty), who has spent the last two years as a Killam Fellow.

And we welcome:
  • Heather Burnett (postdoc), a new Banting postdoctoral fellow; she will be working with Sali.
  • Guillaume Thomas (faculty), our new semanticist (and also instructor in syntax).
  • Finally, we have 25 new graduate students: 9 in the Ph.D. program and 16 MAs. Welcome, all!

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