February 8, 2015

OCP 12

The twelfth annual Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP) took place in Barcelona, Spain, from the 27th to the 30th of January.

Professor Emeritus Elan Dresher co-presented a paper with Andrew Nevins (University College London): "Undergoers are harmony sources: Maintaining iterative harmony in Oroqen dialects."

Fourth-year Ph.D. student Ross Godfrey presented "Morphologically conditioned lengthening as a processing effect."

Alumna Christina Bjorndahl (MA 2008, now at Cornell University) presented "The cross-linguistic phonological and phonetic identity of /v/."

Former visiting professor Ranjan Sen (University of Sheffield) presented "Pre-classical prevarication in Latin feet: Stratal synchronic structure and discretionary diachronic development."

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