January 28, 2015

Workshop on Contast in Syntax

In honour of Elizabeth Cowper's recent retirement and the 38 years she has dedicated so far to the department and the University of Toronto in general, postdoc Bronwyn Bjorkman and faculty member Diane Massam are co-organizing a workshop on Contrast in Syntax, to be held on April 24-25.

The workshop will feature invited talks by more than a dozen of Elizabeth’s former students and supervisees:

Michael Barrie (Sogang University)
Andrew Carnie (University of Arizona)
Lisa Cheng (Leiden University)
Jila Ghomeshi (University of Manitoba )
Daniel Currie Hall (St. Mary’s University)
Paivi Koskinen (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
Julie Legate (University of Pennsylvania)
Diane Massam (University of Toronto)
Martha McGinnis-Archibald (University of Victoria)
Kenji Oda (University of Syracuse)
Nick Pendar (Skytree)
Elizabeth Ritter (University of Calgary/Ben Gurion University)
Leslie Saxon (University of Victoria)
Carson Sch├╝tze (University of California, Los Angeles)

There will also be a poster session, with a call for submissions to appear shortly. The deadline for abstracts is February 15: members of the department are welcome to submit abstracts, but the workshop will also feature an opportunity for current students to present work they have done with Elizabeth (details to follow).

There will also be a reception on April 23, at Trinity College, which all members of the department will be invited to attend, and a dinner on April 24, which is similarly open but will cost approximately $40 per person.

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