August 28, 2014

U of T Linguistics MA, 2013-14: stellar success!

This year’s graduating MA students have truly distinguished themselves: all 11 of them are on track to complete their MA Forum papers on time. For an cohort of this size, this is a remarkable achievement – and one that is unprecedented in the department.

Back: Naomi Francis, Danielle Moed, Michael Schwan, Patrick Murphy, Kazuya Bamba, and Richard Gananathan.
Front: Emilia Melara, Emilie LeBlanc, Ruth Maddeaux, Maida Percival, and Avery Ozburn.

The MA program has a well-deserved reputation for being intense. However, on top of completing the degree, over the course of this year members of the MA class have presented papers or posters at NELS, CLA, WICCFL, WISSLR, MO(L)T(H), Agreement by Correspondence, the CRC Summer Phonetics/Phonology Workshop, the Welcome Workshop, and our departmental research-group meetings. They have done compelling research across a wide variety of subfields –syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology, language change and variation, psycholinguistics, and more – and established lively friendships with each other and much of the rest of the department.

Eight of the outgoing MA students are continuing to Ph.D. programs immediately. Ruth Maddeaux, Emilia Melara, and Patrick Murphy will be continuing on to the department’s own Ph.D. program; Emilie LeBlanc is going to York; Naomi Francis is heading to MIT; Avery Ozburn and Michael Schwan are off to UBC; and Richard Gananathan is going a little further afield – all the way to the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

All our best to the members of this powerhouse MA cohort!

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