December 20, 2013

Things we missed in 2013

WHITL failed to report a couple of special news items this term. Quick, before the calendar year changes:

Belated congratulations to Clarissa Forbes, the winner of this year's Elan Dresher Phonology Prize! This was originally announced in September, at the start-of-term party, where this picture was taken.

 Clarissa with Yoonjung and Elan

And here are some beautiful pictures of Sali in Banff in November, where she was officially inducted into the Royal Society of Canada.

Photo: Dr. Sali Tagliamonte (FRSC) (my significant other and then some) is inducted as a member of the Royal Society of Canada in Banff on the weekend.

Photo: Sali being honoured by the Royal Canadian Society in Banff.

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