October 26, 2012

Research Report

This week, Alana Johns is in Washington, D.C. presenting at the 18th Inuit Studies Conference. The title of her talk is 'Anaphoric Agreement in Eastern Inuttitut.' Next week Alana will be a keynote speaker at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association (APLA 36). The talk she will deliver there is entitled 'Ergativity through different lenses.'

Several other department members (past and present) will also be presenting at APLA 36. Elizabeth Cowper is presenting a talk entitled 'The rise of featural modality in English.' Alumnus Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary's University) is presenting 'Contrast, features, and acquisition in the Parallel Structures Model.' Alumnus Sara Mackenzie (Memorial University) is presenting joint work entitled 'Allophonic variation in production and perception: English light and dark /l/' with Erin Olson (McGill University), Meghan Clayards (McGill University) and Michael Wagner (McGill University). And Alumnus Wladyslaw Cichocki (University of New Brunswick) presents joint work with Louise Beaulieu (Université de Moncton) 'A study of three subordinating conjunctions in Acadian French: confirming some apparent-time findings.'

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