September 14, 2012

Élodie Thomas in the news—in Paris!

Élodie Thomas went home to Courcouronnes this summer, the Paris suburb where she grew up, to interview teenagers of Arabic origin. The local newspaper turned the tables and interviewed her for a full-column “Portrait.” “In France,” she told them, “urban sociolinguistics is studied in sociology and is not entirely a scientific discipline.” She chose Toronto, she said, as “the best place for studying sociolinguistics.” In her research, she hopes to show how Arabic elements are being integrated to form a distinctive Courcouronnes French variety. The reporter concluded, “Élodie is a bit of an ambassador for Courcouronnes.” Also, we could add, for our sociolinguistics program. Élodie’s interviews will form the core of her first Generals paper this fall. And probably more to come.

Post courtesy of Jack Chambers 

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