July 10, 2012

Congratulations, Dr. Oda!

Last week Kenji Oda successfully defended his thesis entitled "Issues in the Left Periphery of Modern Irish". His co-supervisor Elizabeth Cowper hosted an Irish-themed party in his honour, which brought together Irish friends, Japanese friends, and numerous linguists.

Kenji's formal wear

                                          Elizabeth Cowper and Alex Motut                       Eugenia Suh and Joanna Chociej

Above left: Kenji's newest prized possession - a gift from the graduate students.
   Above right: Kenji with his committee (L to R: Daphna Heller, Michela Ippolito, Jim McCloskey (UCSC), Elizabeth Cowper, Kenji Oda, Arsalan Kahnemuyipour, and Alana Johns (missing: Diane Massam))

 Maith thĂș, a Khenji! 

  Photo credits: Radu Craioveanu, Kenji Oda, and Eugenia Suh

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