May 15, 2012

Graduating Majors & Specialists - Spring 2012

Undergraduate Coordinator Elaine Gold and Interim Chair Diane Massam with
graduating Linguistics students at the annual department lunch  honouring
students who have completed a Major or Specialist program in Linguistics.
March 30, 2012.
Front row (L to R): Isabel Lui,  Alim Walker, Jen Collins
Middle row: Saejin Byeon, Emily Dunbar, Michelle Yuan, Diane Massam
Back row: Elaine Gold, Horace (Yuen Hang) Li, Antonio Cunha, Maayan Adar


  1. Hello to Antonio from me, please! He was one of my LIN100 students :-)

  2. And Emily, of course! (Am I forgetting anybody from this picture?)