January 13, 2014

LSA Meeting 2014

This year's meeting of the Linguistic Society of America took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota from January 2nd to 5th. Several members of our department, and some alumni, braved the brutal cold sweeping through the middle of the continent in order to attend or present a talk or poster:

Bronwyn Bjorkman
"Multiple Agrees: Towards a non-unified theory of feature valuation."

LeAnn Brown
"Phonetic variation and social perception: Rhyme and /s/ COG effects on sex and sexual orientation percepts."

Derek Denis and Sali Tagliamonte
"Stability out of grammaticalization? Future temporal reference in North American English."

Kenji Oda
"On putative adjective fronting in Irish."

Nicholas Welch
"A tripartite agreement: classificatory verbs, animacy, and inflection in Tłı̨chǫ Yatıì."

Sali also presented a join paper with alumna Alexandra D'Arcy (University of Victoria) and their colleague Celeste Rodríguez Louro (University of Western Australia): "Outliers, impact, and rationalization in linguistic change."

Alumnus Michael Barrie (Sogang University) presented two talks: "Bare Nouns, Semantic Incorporation and Idiomaticization in Cantonese" and "Focusing on the left edge of the Onondaga sentence" (at the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas).

Here are some photos, courtesy of Kenji Oda.

Michael Barrie (Sogang U.), Keren Rice, Kenji Oda

Bettina Spreng (U Saskatchewan), Kenji Oda, Marina Scherkina-Lieber (Carleton U), Michael Barrie

Nicholas Welch's talk

Kenji Oda's poster

Derek Denis and Sali Tagliamonte present their joint paper.

Mike, Marina, Sali, and Derek after the conference.

The Minneapolis Hilton.  Not shown: the fact that on January 5 the high for the day was -25º C.

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