July 28, 2019

SPF 2019

This year's Summer Phonology Forum will be taking place on Tuesday, July 30, from 11 AM through 4:30 PM, in SS 2106. The registration form is available here.

The organisational committee is Alessandro Jaker (postdoc), Peter Jurgec (faculty), Yoonjung Kang (faculty), Phil Monahan (faculty), Keren Rice (faculty), Nathan Sanders (faculty), and Jessamyn Schertz (faculty).

Lisa Sullivan (Ph.D.) is giving the B. Elan Dresher Phonology Prize Talk:
"Allomorphy and morphophonology: Where do we draw the line?"

Other speakers from our department are:

Koorosh Ariyaee (Ph.D.):
"Hiatus resolution strategies in Persian."

Heather Yawney (Ph.D.):
"The Kazakh velar and uvular distribution."

Lisa Sullivan (Ph.D.):
"The effects of cognitive processing style on the perceptual compensation of stop voicing for place of articulation."

Andrei Munteanu (Ph.D.):
"Emotional phonetics cues in the speech of chess grandmasters."

Ekaterina Prigaro (MA):
"Interaction of stress shift and palatalization in Russian nominal systems."

Gajathree Ananthathurai (BA), Laurestine Bradford (BA), Araz Derohan (BA), Siobhan Galeazzi (BA), Khadija Jagani (BA) and Yoonjung Kang (Ph.D.):
"Sound symbolism of gender in personal names: Western Armenian and Kutchi."

Patricia A. Shaw (Ph.D. 1976, now at the University of British Columbia) with colleagues Emily Elfner (York University) and Nicoline Butler (York University):
"Guess who? Game-play, questions, and intonation in Kwak’wala."

July 27, 2019

Congratulations, Shayna!

We're delighted to have heard that Shayna Gardiner (Ph.D. 2017, now at Receptiviti) has accepted a position as a Natural Language Processing Engineer at Dialpad. Congratulations, Shayna, and all the best from us as you begin this well-deserved new job!

July 26, 2019

LSA Institute 2019

The four-week 2019 Linguistic Institute run by the Linguistic Society of America has just wrapped up at the University of California, Davis. Our department was involved in three ways.

Several of our students - Gregory Antono (BA), Rosalind Owen (BA), and Max Haohang Xi (BA) - were in attendance this year and navigated an intense month of classes, symposiums, social events, and networking.

One of the themes of this year's Institute recognized the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages, and the associated Dene Languages Conference included presentations by Keren Rice (faculty) and Alessandro Jaker (postdoc).

We also had two current departmental members teaching. The other of this year's Institute themes was Linguistics in the Digital Era; in conjunction with this, Marisa Brook (faculty) and Emily Blamire (Ph.D.) teamed up to teach 'Topics in Sociolinguistics and Computer-Mediated Communication'.

Marisa and Emily explain the Internet, or at least the linguistic elements thereof. (Photo by Mark Richard Lauersdorf.)

July 25, 2019

Sali and Bridget in the Bulletin

Sali A. Tagliamonte (faculty) is interviewed in this week's U of T Bulletin about her new paper with Bridget Jankowski (Ph.D. 2013; staff) on dialectical patterns in Canadian English surrounding 'goodness', 'gosh', 'jeez', 'OMG', and other present-day English exclamations originating in ways of referring, strongly or euphemistically, to deities.

July 24, 2019

Congratulations, Na-Young!

Na-Young Ryu defended her doctoral dissertation, "Effects of web-based auditory training on the perception of Korean sounds by Mandarin learners of Korean," on Wednesday, July 24. On the committee were Yoonjung Kang (supervisor), Philip Monahan, Jessamyn Schertz, Anabela Rato, Nathan Sanders, and external examiner Ocke-Schwen Bohn (Aarhus University). Congratulations, Dr. Ryu!

Na-Young is departing shortly to take up a position as an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Asian Studies at Pennsylvania State University. We'll miss you very much, Dr. Ryu, but we're also thrilled to get to send you off!

July 19, 2019

Congratulations, Joanna!

Keren, Nathan, Joanna, Peter, and Yoonjung. (Not pictured: Alexei and Maria.) (Photo by Jennifer McCallum.)

Joanna Chociej defended her doctoral dissertation, "Exceptional faithfulness and exceptional alternation: A case study of Polish vowel-zero alternations as deletion and epenthesis," on Friday, July 19. On the committee were Keren Rice (supervisor), Yoonjung Kang, Alexei Kochetov, Peter Jurgec, Nathan Sanders, and external examiner Maria Gouskova (New York University). Congratulations, Dr. Chociej!

July 18, 2019

Coordinated coral colleagues

July around the department is normally quiet, but this at least frees up some time for everyone - up to and including our hard-working department chair, Sali A. Tagliamonte (faculty) - to get some research done! Here, Sali and Katharina Pabst (Ph.D.) have a chance to work on the final revisions for a paper going into the Journal of English Linguistics - and discover an ability to be synchronized in more than one way!

July 17, 2019

2019 Cowper Syntax Prize and Dresher Phonology Prize

We are delighted to announce the winners of our annual graduate student term-paper awards: the Elizabeth Cowper Syntax Prize and the B. Elan Dresher Phonology Prize. These are awarded to the authors of outstanding papers in the graduate syntax and phonology courses offered over the past academic year.

Cowper Syntax Prize: Alec Kienzle (Ph.D.): "Agents, paths, and states in the Hebrew middle templates."

Dresher Phonology Prize: Lisa Sullivan (Ph.D.): "Allomorphy and morphophonology: Where do we draw the line?" and "An OT analysis of –(i)an demonym allomorph selection."

Congratulations to Alec and Lisa for their excellent work!

July 10, 2019

New paper: Nagy and Lo (2019)

Naomi Nagy (faculty) and Samuel Lo (BA) have a paper out in Asia-Pacific Language Variation, 5(1): "Classifier use in Heritage and Hong Kong Cantonese."

Heritage language speakers have frequently been reported to have language skills weaker than homeland (monolingual) speakers. For example, Wei and Lee (2001:359), a study of British-born Chinese-English bilingual children’s morphosyntactic patterns (including classifier use), report “evidence of delayed and stagnated L1 development.” However, many studies compare heritage speaker performance to a prescriptive standard rather than to spontaneous speech from homeland speakers. We compare spontaneous speech data from two generations of Heritage Cantonese speakers in Toronto, Canada, and from Homeland Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong. Both groups are similar in a strong preference for general and mass classifiers, and classifier choice being primarily governed by the noun’s number. We observe specialization of go3 to singular nouns, a grammaticalization process increasing with each generation. The similarity between homeland and heritage patterns replicates previous studies utilizing the same corpus.

July 2, 2019

Suzi Lima's REP course in Arts & Science News

Back in May, Suzi Lima (faculty) led a Research Opportunity Program course to Brazil with students Octavia Andrade-Dixon (BA), Greg Antono (BA), and Guilherme Teruya (BA). This week, their adventures are chronicled in the Arts & Science News.

July 1, 2019

2019 Dene Languages Conference

This year's Dene Languages Conference is taking place at the University of California, Davis, on July 6 and 7.

Keren Rice (faculty) is presenting "Phonological effects of contact between related languages: Tsiigehtshic Gwich'in and Fort Good Hope Dene."

Alessandro Jaker (postdoc) is presenting "A verb grammar of Tetsǫ́t’ıné Yatıé."