October 10, 2019


New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 48 is taking place at the University of Oregon from October 10 through 12. Current and former department sociolinguists are all over the program!

Karlien Franco (postdoc) and Sali A. Tagliamonte (faculty):
"What’s going on here anyway(s)? A sociolinguistic perspective on specialization."

Katharina Pabst (Ph.D.) and Sali A. Tagliamonte (faculty):
"I/Ø fed the squirrels: The impact of cognitive decline on subject omission in one individual's diaries over the lifespan (1985-2016)."

Naomi Nagy (faculty) with Miriam Meyerhoff (University of Auckland):
"The role of standards in the field of variation."

Lauren Bigelow (Ph.D.), Tim Gadanidis (Ph.D.), Lisa Schlegl (Ph.D.), Pocholo Umbal (Ph.D.), and Derek Denis (faculty):
"Why are wasteyutes a ting?"

Lauren Bigelow (Ph.D.):
"Neo-hosers up north: Locally constructed meaning and FACE and GOAT ungliding in rural Ontario."

Ruth Maddeaux (Ph.D.):
"Individual cognitive differences as predictors of participation in sound change."

Katharina Pabst (Ph.D.):
"Is [nuz] really the new [njuz]? Yod dropping in Toronto English."

Robert Prazeres (Ph.D.):
"Profiling nominal genitive variability in Moroccan Arabic."

Patrick Murphy (Ph.D. 2019) and Phil Monahan (faculty) have a poster:
"Cross-dialectal perception of Canadian Raising."

Lex Konnelly (Ph.D.) has a poster:
"Brutoglossia: Democracy, authenticity, and the enregisterment of connoisseurship in 'craft beer talk'."

Lisa Schlegl (Ph.D.) has a poster:
"That's what we do in the North: Place identity and variation in Northern Ontario."

Pocholo Umbal (Ph.D.) has a poster:
"Filipinos front too! A sociophonetic analysis of Toronto English /u/-fronting."

Alexandra D'Arcy (Ph.D. 2005, now at the University of Victoria) is giving one of the plenary talks: "Language history, language synchrony, and kids these days."

Former visiting scholar Miriam Neuhausen (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg) will be reporting on her data collection from last year: "To raise or not to raise in Pennsylvania German English in Canada."

Former postdoc Heather Burnett (Centre nationale de la recherche scientifique) is part of a talk with Andrea Beltrama (University of Pennsylvania) and Stephanie Solt (Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft): "How pragmatic precision affects social perception: A socio-pragmatic study."

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